Baby Steps Towards the Right Direction, A Decade at the Center: Recent Gifts and Acquisitions at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

by Liz McMahon A Decade at the Center: Recent Gifts and Acquisitions is a featured exhibition open through April 28 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The exhibit, which celebrates the ten year anniversary at the venue on Monroe Center, allows the public to see some of the gifts and acquisitions acquired over the past … Continue reading

A Legacy of Love: Selections from The Mabel Perkins Collection at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

by Aaminah Shakur The Grand Rapids Art Museum is celebrating their ten-year anniversary in their current location. Started by Munkenbeck+Marshall Architects, and completed by Kulapat Yantrasast of wHY Architecture, the structure is significant as one of the first LEED certified museums, and because the GRAM’s former venues were existing structures adapted for use as a … Continue reading

Petals and Panties: Artwork by Jillian Dickson at Forest Hills Fine Art Center

by Tamara Fox The Forest Hills Fine Art Center is currently hosting an exhibition of drawings by Jillian Dickson through June 22, 2018. The seventeen jewel-like compositions created in graphite, colored pencil, and marker, include six large drawings of composite botanical/viscera, and eleven drawings of women’s underpants. The large pieces feature arrangements of flowers, ribbons, … Continue reading

Flex Gallery and the Work of Fan Wu

“I think of ideas whenever I’m free…I bring a sketchbook with me everywhere..”

Flex Gallery and the work of Megan Altieri

Megan Altieri. Untitled (SUV series). Thread, acrylic medium, fabric on canvas. Grand Rapids, MI. 2017. In response to a lack of public art opportunities during winter, on January 11th, I launched Flex Gallery, a mobile public art space located on my left arm. For the project, I sent canvas armbands to six artists, requesting they turn them … Continue reading

Flex Gallery and the work of Amanda Carmer

“ interest in storytelling and dissecting how we tell stories encompasses everything.”

Flex Gallery and the work of Greg Oberle

“Sometimes my brain feels like a big messy, three-dimensional Venn diagram and new intersections are occurring all the time.”

Flex Gallery and the Work of Angelica Hay

“I was interested in art since I was very young. It was my passion. I just wasn’t brave enough to follow through with it when I was younger. There was a constant reminder that other things were more practical and that art could always be a hobby. I chose to take what I was told was the most practical route.”