the buzz.

When I get excited it is like electricity is buzzing around in my skin right below the surface. And nothing gets the buzz going more then connecting great people to other great people, great ideas or and great projects. Here is a dash of all three… ideas, projects AND people to get connected too
  • There is something to be said about celebrating where we are at and exploring what it means to be HERE. Fred Quillian’s Grand Rapids T-shirt Company revels in the details that make GR rad. His newest designs give a fresh spin on history including a “buy locally made Grand Rapids goods” ad from the early 1900s and a sandy brown 70’s inspired T with a headshot of Al Green. Likewise, Geoffrey Holstad’s Cabin Time project kicked off in January and provided an opportunity for 7 local artists to stow away in the Porcupine Mountains and make artwork for 4 days. Explore the results of working in the HERE and NOW at the 106 South Division Gallery on February 17th. 
  •  “Investing in Vintage Technology” is a phrase coined by my pops in regards to his newest obsession with collecting Goodwill VCRs and the exponential growth of his record collection…. And in a time of Netflix and Pandora who needs a VCR or a record, right? I am sure that is exactly what someone thought about the risograph being employed by George Wietor at Issue Press. (As in…out with the Risograph in with the xerography) but the layered visual quality of the Risograph images, paired with George’s first short edition projects have made for some visually striking collectible pieces. And back to that Record thing…if you want to own music, buy records and get them locally at Vertigo Records… the best place to invest in vintage technology.
  • A little underground but polished, the slick presentation of Nice Gallery’s 100 Grand Show had everyone talking in December. From the large lovely white walls, to the dudes’-in-charge open enthusiasm, the whole space reeks of fresh blood. Likewise, the Dinderbeck crew has been trying out some experimental shows, constructing a great collaborative workspace and pulling some impressive spit polish on some old printmaking equipment. Both projects are hotspots that are just a little underground, but still polished. 
  • One of my favorite things is when people get together and make things happen. Or when they are making stuff together. From Dr. Sketchy’s School to the DAAC or your local community association rad art related activity is happening all over this city. Each of the things I have listed above are collaborative efforts where artists are getting together to make and DO rad things in GR. In fact, what I find most inspiring right now is people getting together to make things happen.
So in the spirit of doing it together, we are launching HACK. HACK will be a space to  get together, talk about people making things and what is being made. Both in GR and a car ride away from the city. We are going to Crush on some favorite local makers, give Thanks for Sharing, Shoot and get blunt.
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