Synapsis Shuffle: March 3-May 20

Turns out the GRAM is staking claim as an active center for art in GR. Sure they have had continuing classes, lectures and films, occasionally hosting performances, but this week they break completely out of the mold with the Synapsis Shuffle. So check this out… there are 52 pieces (think of a full deck) ment … Continue reading

Not too late to cozy up with Cabin-Time

What do you get when you mix s’mores, trail hikes, and art camp?  The Grand Rapids-based traveling residency Cabin-Time. In this last Cabin-Time residency, six artists caravanned to the Upper Peninsula where together they made camp fires, tin foil packet dinners, and art. This show embodies all that is promising about the Grand Rapids art … Continue reading

Call for Proposals

The UICA is currently looking for artists to apply for it’s 2012-2013 show year. From their Rampstreet, Vertical, Lobby, Vault, Front street, Race Street, Over, In, South, Exit, Green and Black box window spaces there are tons of display spaces waiting for your art. To get a PDF of the submission Guidlines email Steve at … Continue reading

A challenge to soggy pizza and supporters of all things local

Are we blindly supportive of all things local?  Is our enthusiasm a sign that we don’t get out much? Is it that we don’t think we can do better? Or are we just good friends who play nice? Forgive my skepticism if all of the above are false. One of the West Michigan boons frequently … Continue reading

Art, big business, and small towns: Taking notes on reactions to Arkansas’ Crystal Bridges Museum

When I tell people I just moved here from Arkansas, the revelation is usually met with a buttoned-up nod, a bemused smile, or at best a comment you’d give a runner-up at a regional beauty contest, complimenting her quaint charm and pleasant curves. That’s okay. I get it. It’s hard to dismiss the state’s unflattering … Continue reading

LadyfestGR March 3

So the Pyramid Scheme is all about making cool shows happen and in March they are hosting LadyfestGR at the Pyramid Scheme. Sure you don’t have to be a lady to attend but you for sure need to appreciate the vagina. What IS Ladyfest? Part workshops, part variety show part awesome concert. Part free and … Continue reading

Joel Schoon-Tanis

Welcome to artists Barry Elz and Joel Schoon-Tanis’ Open Door Studio, a place of serious play. In the light-drenched space of Holland’s former public high school, Schoon-Tanis’ vibrant and loose paintings vibrate next to Elz’s serene and muted landscapes.  Peopled with lions, giraffes and barnyard animals set in sun-swathed pastures, Schoon-Tanis’ work pulls you in … Continue reading

Julia Victor and the West Side School for the Desperate

Julia Victor and a turtle at Chicago aquarium. Julia Victor is a 22 year old GVSU Fine Arts graduate, originally from Detroit. Last year she moved to Chicago to help run an art and poetry collective called “The West Side School for the Desperate”(WSSD) owing the name partly to it’s Westside location. The WSSD will … Continue reading

Cafes, bars and Restaurants; unique gallery resources that are rarely utilized effectively.

Far too often I walk into a bar or a coffeehouse and witness a curating abomination. I am sure to most of the customers the work on the walls is a byline, an expectation they don’t even know they have. In many cases the work has been in the same spot for so long it … Continue reading

Aaron Rossell

Lately local artist Aaron Rossell has been pretty solid about posting sketches onto his blog. Finding out what artwork and motivations keep him going provide a glimpse at his process and inspiration. Check out his website at H.A.C.K.: What do you do, and why? AR: I make pictures, sometimes called illustrations. I was inspired to make … Continue reading