A challenge to soggy pizza and supporters of all things local

Are we blindly supportive of all things local?  Is our enthusiasm a sign that we don’t get out much? Is it that we don’t think we can do better? Or are we just good friends who play nice? Forgive my skepticism if all of the above are false. One of the West Michigan boons frequently hailed by its creatives is its strong support system. We love our local food, businesses and artists, and we cheer them on.  But how much of this pep rally spirit is deserved, let alone healthy for the growth of our city?

I went to a new brewery that opened in our neighborhood after at least a dozen individuals told me how great their beer and pizza were. I’m not going to launch into food critic mode, but let’s just say their pizza sauce tasted like it was out of a can, the crust lacked the wood-fired smokiness or just-so crunch. Overall, it was nothing special. In fact, it was so bad that I find it hard to believe that its supporters honestly found it good. Unless, their criticism isn’t based on product but more on a culture of support. My fear, though it may not be founded, further compels me to use this blog to not only highlight artists and creative endeavors whose efforts deserve a nod, but also to raise the bar for what we applaud.

2 Responses to “A challenge to soggy pizza and supporters of all things local”
  1. PN says:

    Hey – I;m with you on raising the bar around here – but – the brew pub in question has fixed the flawed sauce (I almost didn’t go back). Their latest batch of stout is worth downing as well.

    Now if we could just get a real culture of refusing to smile and nod for mediocre food and clueless servers …

  2. arthack1 says:

    Ha, thanks for informing me about the improved sauce. Good lesson– sometimes the need for improvement becomes self-evident and imperative!

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