Pina- film/dance

So i hadn’t heard of Pina Bausch before a recent flurry of facebook posts and a recent cup of tea with Ms. Amy Wilson. I think of Amy as an awesomely accessible resident dance authoritarian do it yer-selfer. She dances, she brings in visiting guest instructors and does it local style. So when she recommends … Continue reading

GR Poets Conference

Something i have aways liked about GR is our renegade poetry scene. In early April poetry goes main stream with a poetry conference at GRCC. From APRIL 2-5 youcan join up with other poets and find out what is happening in the writing scene. I just have to mention that even the dang press release is poetic! … Continue reading

Turn out

A few weeks ago on the great communication tool we call Facebook, Captain Walker Art Talker challenged curator Michele Bosak over why, he, a connected relevant art dude like himself didn’t know about the “Acts of Recognition“show at the Kendall Gallery. Over the next 13 days 50 relevant posts discussed the diligent efforts of curators and gallery owners … Continue reading

Monthly poem

Logan Square Oasis by Stephanie Lane Sutton Boy with a staring problem. Takes off his leather jacket, grey letterman’s sweatshirt. Puts them in with the rest of the wash. Puts on bluegreen earbuds and looks at the cycle with infinite sadness. The homeless couple buys another lotto ticket, and here I am again at the … Continue reading

Ernesto Neto seduces audience with swaying hips and invitation to play

As part of the on-going Penny Stamps lecture series, a partnership between the University of Michigan and the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, internationally-renowned sculptor and installation artist Ernesto Neto spoke at the UICA this past Wednesday. If you weren’t there, you missed a presentation by possibly the most one of charming contemporary artists.   … Continue reading

KIA Billboard contest- Thru March 23

Get selected. have your work posted on billboard in Michigan. The KIA is looking for 10 artists to feature during 2012. To Apply beginning March 1, 2012: Email your bio/artist statement and 5 images of individual works to or deliver a CD of your works to the KIA. Please label the CD 2012 Billboard Art Contest … Continue reading

Photography Exhibit- Regional April 25th

Open to Michigan Photographers, entries are due on April 12th. Cost is $25 to enter and Grand Rapids photographer Tim Motley is the 2012 juror. The NCCA-Artsplace is located in a fantastic venue in downtown Fremont Michigan. If you haven’t been there before it is worth the drive to check out this great little art gem. … Continue reading

Old World, New World

Sometimes 45 minutes isn’t too long to drive for a great show (shit, sometimes 5 hours isn’t too much!) And I would say rising star, Rebecca Green’s new show, Old World, New World at Saugatuck Center for the Arts probably fits the bill. The show opens on Friday March 23rd from 6-8pm. Luckily it is up … Continue reading

Shades of Grandeur- March 15th

This week Ryan Reed opens a photography exhibit at the Rich App Gallery. Ryan’s haunting pictures of Detroit were a smash hit a few years ago during AP but this is one of his first solo shows in GR. Reed has taken on some pretty momentous tasks recently including the publishing of a book of … Continue reading

Cabin Time: Beyond Images and into The Woods

  This is the last week to see Cabin Time at Calvin’s (106) Gallery before the show closes. When spending time among the collection of small drawings, mixed media works, polaroids, and what appears to be a handmade dog sled, a few things become apparent. One, this work was made by a group of skilled … Continue reading