Ernesto Neto to speak at UICA this Wednesday!

Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto will be speaking @ UICA this Wednesday, 7pm. If you miss this, your heart just might sink like one of his spice-filled Lycra sacks.

Neto’s installations are spatial labyrinths that offer a feast of visceral and sensory experiences. Playing with forces of gravity, his forms take on bodily shapes. Essential to the work is the viewer’s interactive experience. While engaging his installations, I’ve buried friends in kidney-shaped bean bags, played hide n’ go seek between transparent membranes, and shared intimate spaces with barefoot strangers.

Doors open at 6. Tickets can be purchased at the door.  Click to watch a video of an interview with the artist.

One Response to “Ernesto Neto to speak at UICA this Wednesday!”
  1. Dana says:

    I’ve known Ernesto and his work for a while and the art is phenomenal, and he’s a pure delight–it’s a real coup for the UICA to bring him here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this!

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