Emilie Tromp, Creator of Lief Design

Meet Emilie Tromp, creator of Lief Design, a Grand Rapids-based design company specializing in textiles, calligraphy and hand-crafted stationary. Emilie was one of the first people I met who enthusiastically claimed Grand Rapids as the ideal place for a creative business. Lief, a Dutch term of endearment meaning sweet, seems a direct reflection on its … Continue reading

Ernesto Neto to speak at UICA this Wednesday!

Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto will be speaking @ UICA this Wednesday, 7pm. If you miss this, your heart just might sink like one of his spice-filled Lycra sacks. Neto’s installations are spatial labyrinths that offer a feast of visceral and sensory experiences. Playing with forces of gravity, his forms take on bodily shapes. Essential to … Continue reading

“Acts of Recognition” exhibit at Kendall College: small and heroic acts of grace

In this city’s cultural landscape where the major art institutions organize shows around either the experimental or the established, and scrappy grass roots organizations host hooray-for-art free-for-alls, we can forget there’s another option. Often void from the scene are intimate and professionally displayed shows in which a single curator has thoughtfully selected works for the … Continue reading

Pattern Show AIGA… and there is happy hour!

So new art, new bar, social times and AIGA. AIGA kicking the night off with a Happy Hour  at SpeakEZ Lounge and opening a new show at Gallery 32. The show is the GVSU AIGA’s Pattern Show this year’s theme is underwater. You could bet the work is pretty rad, for sale, with food and … Continue reading

Lately I’ve taken issue with the title of “Artist.”

After spending the five years as an undergraduate fine art student I’ve come to constantly question the title I once held near and dear. These past few years have been great in terms of getting Grand Rapidians excited about art, but I have come to believe the manner in which many local event organizers, fundraisers, … Continue reading

Sunday Soup #17!

Come and celebrate two years of Sunday soup! This month the DAAC presents Sunday Soup on 18th of March, 4.30 p.m. at Calvin’s 106 Gallery on South Division. Sunday Soup is “a community meal and micro-grant which provides funds for creative projects.” Bring $5 and receive not only some delicious soup but a chance to … Continue reading