Review: SiTE:LAB at the Harris Building

During Art.Downtown last weekend, SiTE:LAB, the volunteer-run organization that mounts exhibitions of local and student artwork in unused urban spaces, presented a project in South Division’s historic Harris Building. Consisting of performance and installation, the show presented a fascinating narrative drawn both from the history of the space and fictions layered on by the artists. … Continue reading

View from the Trolley: Art.Downtown

Artists Take Over was an appropriate tag line for last Friday night’s annual ArtDowntown event that celebrated artwork by 300 artists in 30 venues.  The streets were bustling with artists and their fans even without a voting app or prize involved.  Maybe it was the warm evening or just the sheer volume of artists’ friends … Continue reading

Calvin College campus organization aims to lend “Voice to the Voiceless”

  An earnest bunch of justice-minded students has organized a exhibition of works that address themes of injustice, ranging from gender bias to political oppression.”Voices for the Voiceless” is sponsored by Calvin College’s campus chapter of  Liberty in North Korea, (L.I.N.K.) a human rights advocacy group that works to aid and empower North Korean refugees. The situation … Continue reading

Shoot! Terry Johnston

“Work: Curse or Calling” at Calvin College’s Center Art Gallery

Sometimes I forget about the beautiful gallery located in the Fine Arts Building on Calvin College’s campus here in Grand Rapids.  Months ago, I received an invitational show card for “WORK: Curse or Calling” and stuck it to my fridge to make certain I wouldn’t let this exhibition pass by.  The show was not a … Continue reading

Jovonnah Nicholson

This week ceramic artist Jovonnah Nicholson answered a quick round of questions about her rad animal inspired sculptures. Although she doesn’t have a website yet we hope to see one in the near future… H.A.C.K.: What do you do? JN: Ceramic sculptor/waitress H.A.C.K.: Why do you do that thing you do? JN: Well to be perfectly honest, art … Continue reading

Art at Home

Open Concept Gallery’s SMart Media Festival: Festival, kind of. Smart…?

Last weekend, Open Concept Gallery hosted their Annual SMart Festival Media festival. Chances are, you didn’t know about it. And if you happened to stumble on their Facebook page or received an email from them, you may have been confused about what the show actually entailed. This kind of vague obscurity has become par for … Continue reading

Detroit Forsaken…or is it?

Post-Katrina I learned a new term, “disaster tourism.”  It was perfect for what I was seeing: photo after photo depicting the aftermath of this natural and manmade tragedy.  I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I came to recognize several sites that seemed to have special appeal to photographers.  Photography is adept at turning what … Continue reading

Inking up the greats: A conversation with Former Gemini Master Printer Jonathan Cross

While briefly working with a Master Printer during grad school, I learned that you have to care about about the artist’s work that you’re printing like it’s your own. Shoot, sometimes more than your own. It’s fussy, often thankless work, and it takes a generous and patient soul to make another artist’s wish your command. … Continue reading