Sprinkled throughout the fair city of Grand Rapids there are makers work, work, working away in their studios and living rooms… And then selling their wares all over the world. Chances are there might by an etsy mogul living on your street… For a little behind the scenes Sarah Jo graciously answered some questions about her home run company.

H.A.C.K.: What do you do? 

SJ: I design and create comfortable, casual, women’s clothing.

H. Why do you do that thing you do? 

SJ: It is enjoyable meaningful labor that allows me to be creative.

H.: Did you choose Michigan or did it choose you?

SJ: Michigan is a beautiful place with many different natural wonders to explore.
H.What city do you live in?

SJ: Grand Rapids

H. When and why did you decide you wanted to make creating a central focus of your life?

SJ: It has just always been that way.

H: Describe the biggest challenge you have found to being a creative in Michigan? 

SJ: The lack of resources for the supplies I need. I have to order my fabric out of state because there is nowhere local to buy nice quality wholesale fabric.

H: What do you spend most of your time doing? 

SJ: Sewing.

H: What mundane activity do you put the most effort into?

SJ: Internet communications.

H: What do you see that GR in particular has to offer its creatives?

SJ: The artists markets are a nice place to get started but I would not be able make a living doing what I do in Grand Rapids without selling my clothing on

H: What are some keys to structuring your studio, schedule, etc. for maximum productivity?

SJ: This is the hardest thing for me to, it is always changing and I am constantly try to improve.

H: What/who inspires you?

SJ: Nature/The Universe
H: Who are three of your favorite artists/designers/etsy stores?

SJ: My favorites are always changing.

With over six thousand admires and positive feedback up the ying-yang, Sarah Jo’s Etsy Shop  is a great place to get local online. 

 Submitted by jenn

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