Jovonnah Nicholson

This week ceramic artist Jovonnah Nicholson answered a quick round of questions about her rad animal inspired sculptures. Although she doesn’t have a website yet we hope to see one in the near future…

H.A.C.K.: What do you do?

JN: Ceramic sculptor/waitress

H.A.C.K.: Why do you do that thing you do?

JN: Well to be perfectly honest, art is the only thing that made sense to me. I took a few classes when I was younger(6/7yrs) at MSU, I loved it, and was good at it. All throughout school, art was my favorite subject and took on any project that involved it. One of the first times I worked with clay, was in highschool and have been using it ever since.

H.A.C.K.:Did you choose Michigan or did it choose you? What city do you live in?:

JN: For now Michigan has chose me. I was born and raised here in this beautiful state. I grew up in a small farming community a half hour north of Lansing. After High school I moved form the very tiny villageof Ovid, to the biggest city I have ever lived in, Grand Rapids. ( I know its sad, but it’s a start)

H.A.C.K.: When and why did you decide you wanted to make creating a central focus of your life?

JN: I think I knew it for a long time, It has just taken me along time to admit it to myself that it’s possible. (Its the  only thing I’m good at, and enjoy doing.)

H.A.C.K.: Where are the best places to see music in GR?

JN: The Intersection and Founders……but that might be because of the Beer!!!!!

H.A.C.K.:Where are the best places to see art in GR?

JN: I think Grand Rapids has quite the selection of hole in the wall venues for art. The GRAM is a wonderful place to go, also the Daac, shows at 111 Godfrey.

H.A.C.K.: What is the last greatest show(s) you have attended?

JN:  I just went to the Intersection to see The Crane Wives, and Rusted Root. The Crane Wives were awesome, it’s not the typical music i would listen too but i may start! (THEY ROCKED!)

H.A.C.K.: What area of the state, city, neighborhood, lakeshore etc are you most inspired by and why?

JN:  Detroit’s broken architecture is beautiful and is very inspiring to me. Lake Michigan by Traverse City has a very special place in my heart, also the upper Peninsula, with its cold water and rough stones. Ox-Bow Is another one of my favorites, the energy that comes from that place is unlike any other I have ever experienced.

H.A.C.K.: What do you see that GR in particular has to offer its creatives?

JN:  I have noticed that the art community (Avenue for the Arts) is very helpful in trying to get artist out there and involved. (something I need to capitalize on)

H.A.C.K.: When, where and from whom did you last purchase or trade some artwork?

JN:  I traded a piece for a beautiful cup, made by Blair Clemo, at HAM (Holiday artist market) December 2nd.

H.A.C.K.: How would you like to see the Grand Rapids arts scene evolving over the next five years?

JN:  I would love to see Grand Rapids keep growing like it is. The art scene has improved tremendously the short time I have been here, and I would love to see that continue.

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