Calvin College campus organization aims to lend “Voice to the Voiceless”


"The Space Between Us" by Deborah Rockman. Colored pencil on mylar over digital print.

An earnest bunch of justice-minded students has organized a exhibition of works that address themes of injustice, ranging from gender bias to political oppression.”Voices for the Voiceless” is sponsored by Calvin College’s campus chapter of  Liberty in North Korea, (L.I.N.K.) a human rights advocacy group that works to aid and empower North Korean refugees. The situation in North Korea compelled these students to not only raise  awareness for this particular human rights crisis but also examine inequalities in their backyard. The exhibit showcases mainly local artists whose work deals with a various forms of oppression abroad and at home.  One of the organizing students, Patrick Hekman explains his hope for the show, “We don’t want to just present these works, we want the audience to be a creative catalyst [for change].” Artists in the show include Kerry Aarnoutse, Kendra Antonides, Jordan Guanga, Jay Howard, Bridgette L. Keehl, Canaan Lee, Stephanie Kang, Deborah Rockman, Jenny Swim, and Sam Wade.

The opening for “Voices for the Voiceless” will be at the DAAC this Saturday, April 28th from 5-8pm. In conjunction with the show, the L.I.N.K. chapter will be screening a film at Gallery 106 about their efforts to aid North Korean refugees in China. The film begins at 8:20.

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