Cross Country Movies with Sean Kenny

Cross-country road trips are always epic and this week Sean Kenny releases Burning Folk: A Road Movie. We got a chance to chat at Sparrows and ask some questions about the movie, and got the answer that alleviates all existential crises. H: Why GR? SK: Absolute synchronicity and randomness. There were a few contributing factors, … Continue reading

Con Artist Crew opening Premature?

Con Artist crew, a new Art Collective based in Grand Rapids, showcased their new space in the Godfrey Building last Saturday 31st of March with “We own the night.” Upon our arrival we were greeted by a tall woman, earnestly ethereal and stern, who took our tickets and counted us accordingly and very very seriously. … Continue reading


Sprinkled throughout the fair city of Grand Rapids there are makers work, work, working away in their studios and living rooms… And then selling their wares all over the world. Chances are there might by an etsy mogul living on your street… For a little behind the scenes Sarah Jo graciously answered some questions about her … Continue reading