Overheard at ArtPrize, Part 1

One of the great joys of ArtPrize is the ease in which one can eavesdrop anonymously. In our first installment of Overheard at ArtPrize, we bring you some of our favorites. We welcome guest submissions as well. Give us your quotable quotes by commenting below.

  • “What’s this piece?” — “I dunno, Lady on a Stump.”

    Overseer by Dora Natella, Meijer Gardens

    • Girl to her boyfriend  at Meijer Garden. Responding to Dora Natalla’s Overseer
  • “Don’t go in there. It’s just pictures of Rome.”
    • Student to her friend at SiteLab, in front of Filippo Tagliatti’s piece
  • “Beware of Dan-de-lions,” woman reads text in op-art piece. “Why?” friend states.
    • SiteLab

  • “Are those elephants pooping?” “No, It’s Jeff Koon’s poodle.”
    • Two underwhelmed hipsters at the GRAM, in front of Adonna Khare’s large-scale drawing
  • “Do you think those fish will bite like the ones in Grandpa’s pond?
    • Child to his dad, at UICA, in front of ABDC 83’s More or Less video/sculpture installation
  • “What the f—-? Maybe we need to smoke more pot when we’re making shit.”

    Mr. Weekend by Mike Simi at Kendall College

    • Two disgruntled young guys at the ShortList event, responding to the critic’s pick of Mr. Weekend the self-reflective talking sock puppet.
  • “What’s SiteLab?” “Dude, it’s like a bunch of artist-scientists that give old buildings a make-over.”
    • Two teens outside the UICA.
  • “I don’t get it. Why is burning your art protest?”
    • Befuddled friends at the B.O.B. where artist Singh’s “censored” piece used to hang
One Response to “Overheard at ArtPrize, Part 1”
  1. I heard a little girl say to her mother, as she picked out an artist card from the box…”I love holding the art”.

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