Overheard at ArtPrize, Part 2

The fun continues with our second installment of collected eavesdroppings (sounds way grosser than intended) from the largest public art competition in the midwest. With one week left of crowd-viewing pleasure, we still welcome your submissions! Enjoy:

“It’s not my fault” by Andrew Hawkes, GRAM. (photo courtesy of artprize.org)

  • “I think it’s supposed to be a scalp with hair.” –Guy in baseball cap, breezing by.
  • “Is it supposed to mean something?” –Girl with guy in baseball cap.
  • “Why do you think he’s saying it’s not his fault? Is he about to cut it with scissors– make it all come apart?” –“He’s gonna cut its hair.” –Exchange between mom and her 5 year old son

“Flotsam and Jetsam” by Beth Lipman, GRAM. photo by author

  • “Are those glue sticks?” –30-something year old dude to friend.

“City Band” by Chris LaPorte, GRAM (photo courtesy of artprize.org)

  • “Again?” –Unimpressed guy.
  • “The noses all look the same. He must’ve been in a hurry.” –Another unimpressed guy.

“Navigator” by Eugene Lemay, GRAM (photo courtesy of artprize.org)

  • “Ha. That’s modern art for ya.” –Balding guy in hoodie.
  • “Oh no way! It’s like those 3d illusions where you stare for a long time and then you see camels and all sorts of weird shit.” –Teenage girl to her friends.”

detail of Adonna Khare’s “Elephants,” GRAM (photo by author)

  • “Ha! Boobs!” — Middle-aged lady in visor to other middle-aged lady in visor

“Along the Lekksenne [Lekcenne]: Kcymaerxthaereal Grand Rapids” by Eames Demetrios, GRAM

  • “I’m just not meant to appreciate art.” — young woman, laughing to herself.

“More or Less” by ABCD 83, UICA (photo courtesy of Kate Lewis)

  • “Now we’re going into someone’s mind that I am not sure we’ll come out of.” –unknown

“Madonna of the Streets” by Mic Carlson, Ford Museum (photo courtesy of artprize.org)

  • “Okay then, Madonna of the Streets. Didn’t know she was that kind of girl.” — Dirty old man


2 Responses to “Overheard at ArtPrize, Part 2”
  1. Steve Davison says:

    Overheard this afternoon at the “Habitat” exhibit at Site:Lab:

    “Whoah, this would make a sweet album cover!” Exuberant teenage stoner rocker to no one in particular.

    “If it doesn’t have any artist information then it is not part of Artprize” Tired looking mother of four to her mystified daughter.

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