by Emma Higgins

Last Saturday night, Grand Rapids-based Con Artist Crew hosted “Lights Out” a lazers and music installation. After my previously harsh judgement of the Crew’s “We own the night” show in which they employed a gigantic androgynous female to stare down guests as they arrived,  I thought it would be fair for me to go back down to their Godfrey venue and check out their latest show.

I put $5 in my blazer pocket and set off into the night in anticipation of strobes and bass.

On my way I went to a friend’s wedding reception where my husband was drunk and I refused to dance with him. Melodrama ensued and I gathered up my things and left. By this point I had forgotten about the lazers as the two glasses of red wine I had drunk before I left the house had begun to impair my judgement.

I went to a friend’s house and watched “Stay Tuned” starring the late John Ritter. In the movie Ritter and his wife are suffering marital problems because Ritter watches, according to his bespectacled son, 21 hours of television a day. Ultimately Ritter makes a deal with the devil and ends up being sucked into the television along with his wife and has to survive hellish versions of the television shows he loves so much; he basically survives due to a technicality that Satan overlooked.

Can someone tell me how the lazer show was?

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