Newly promoted Executive Director dishes on details of UICA + KCAD merger

by Tori Pelz This article is informed by two separate interviews with Miranda Krajniak, one given before the merger was made public, and then one following the news. “So, you wanna talk about the merger?” Visibly relaxed compared to the poised and press-release prepped executive we saw at Friday’s announcement, Miranda Krajniak sat down with … Continue reading

UICA + KCAD= A Marriage of Love or Convenience?

Have you ever attended the beautiful wedding of two individuals you feared were ill-prepared for the reality of marriage? Maybe they’re too young, or it’s a third marriage, or maybe they’ve only known each other only a few months. It’s hard to ignore your misgivings, even as you wittness the ceremony.  I felt similarly conflicted … Continue reading

UICA Merges with Kendall College of Art and Design

by Tori Pelz and Tamara Fox In a dramatic move to ensure its survival, UICA merges with Kendall College of Art and Design, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the KCAD and Ferris State University. This news was just announced this morning at a press conference held at the UICA. According to a press release … Continue reading