Top 10’s cousins: Giving context to the public-vote winners

Images compiled by Kevin Buist and Tamara Fox

To frame Monday’s Critical Discourse of the Top 10 public-voted ArtPrize pieces, ArtPrize Exhibitions Director Kevin Buist presented “companion pieces” that lent historical precedence and context to the ArtPrize works. He clarified that these pop culture or art historical comparisons were not comparisons of quality, but simply shared a likeness in form and/or concept. This approach proved that discussing works in a context is far more productive than thinking about them in a vacuum. Here are the Top 10 with their companion pieces:

1. Myth or logic, Robin Protz (Monofilament with suspended pieces of bamboo and shell)


Myth or Logic, Robin Protz
(photo courtesy of ArtPrize)



Lamassu, Assyrian guardian figure from the Citadel of Sargon II

Hockey mascot, the Grand Rapids' Griffin

Hockey mascot, the Grand Rapids’ Griffin

2. Tired Pandas, Nick Jakubiak (Repurposed tires affixed to metal armature)

Nick Jakubiak, "Tired Pandas"

Nick Jakubiak, “Tired Pandas”


jeff koons

“Puppy,” Jeff Koons (flowers over armature)

"Conscience Disorder," Chakiah Booker. (tires)

Conscience Disorder, Chakiah Booker. (tires)

3. Finding Beauty in Bad Things, Fraser Smith (trompe l’oeil quilt carved of wood)

Fraser Smith, "Finding Beauty in Bad Things: Porcelain Vine"

Finding Beauty in Bad Things, Fraser Smith



Charles Ray, Hinoki (Cypress), 2007, (fallen tree reproduced in clay)

4. Taking Flight, Michael Gard (aluminum wire sculpture)

taking fligh.jpg

Taking Flight, Michael Gard


Victory of Samothrace

Winged Samothrace, Unknown Greek artist, 200-190 BCE

Tinkerbell, Disney’s Peter Pan

5. Dancing with Mother Nature, Paul Baliker (carved and painted driftwood)

Dancing with


ocean world

Ocean World, Pam Wood

Gaia, Anselm Feuerbach, 1875
Gaia, Anselm Feuerbach, 1875

6. Polar Expressed, Anni Crouter (3 acrylic paintings of polar bears)

Anni Crouter, "Polar Expressed"
Anni Crouter, “Polar Expressed”

Coca Cola Advertisement

Coca Cola Advertisement

7. Sleeping Bear Dunes Lake, Ann Loveless (Landscape quilt)

Ann Loveless' "Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore." Photo courtesy of ArtPrize

Ann Loveless’ “Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore.” Photo courtesy of ArtPrize

References: None Given

8. UpliftingAndy Stakasteder (bronze fountain @ Ford Museum)

UPlifting by Andy Sacksteder
Uplifting by Andy Sacksteder

Louise-Bourgeois Arch of Hysteriahysteria, 1993
Louise-Bourgeois Arch of Hysteriahysteria, 1993

9. Botanica Exotica, Jason Gamarth (large-scale blown glass sculptures)

botanica References:

Basket Forest, Dale Chihuly
Basket Forest, Dale Chihuly

10. Earth Giant, Benjamin Gazsi (giant made of natural materials)

earth giant References:

Appennine Colossus, Giambologna (1579-1580)
Appennine Colossus, Giambologna (1579-1580)

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