Swooning for Sharpies: Illustrations by seth at Holland Area Arts Council

Gregory studies the inner workings by seth

By Colette Ann Finney

Gazing upon a selection at Holland Area Arts Council’s (HAAC) newest exhibit, Creatures of the Heart & Small Tales, Illustrations by seth, you can get blissfully lost following one intricate line to another to find the next hidden gem within the drawing, as its adventurous tale unfolds.

While seth’s work can be described as “conceptual cartoons,” they are anything but simple, and of much more substance than the average “cartoon.”  I found it extremely to move on to the next, as each one is just as captivating as the last. No matter your mood, you’ll find something that resonates when visiting this lighthearted show. Seth breathes humor, faith, and hope into the universal struggles we all endure.

With the minimal tools of a black micron pen and sharpies, Creatures of the Heart embraces the theme of love, highlighted by the addition of one or more ruby red hearts. “For months, today, Jasper was sure, most certainly the day,” portrays a common longing for something just out of reach, yet we all aspire to attain and made me smile in memory of a very similar experience.

Small Tales, seth HAAC

In contrast, seth’s series Small Tales, consists of colorful mixed media compositions that not only speak eloquently in pattern and form, but through gracefully printed prose. The inspiring messages are insightful and engaging; each offers wee stories of hope and meaning, leaving viewers with a smile and a giggle.

Viewing this exhibit, one is reminded of the poet-illustrator Shel Silverstein. Whimsical drawings coupled with uplifting messages are not uncommon, but Seth’s contributions to the genre are exceptional for their beautiful viewpoint, detail, and perfectly matched text.

Seth is the co-owner the White Room Art Gallery in West Virginia, and his magical pieces, can be found at theartofseth.com.

On display in the Armstrong Gallery at the HAAC, this fantastic exhibit will run through August 20 with a closing reception at night from 6-8 pm.

For more information, contact the HAAC at (616) 396-3278 or online at hollandarts.org.

The Holland Area Arts Council
150 East 8th Street
Holland, Michigan 49423

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday  10AM-8PM
Friday                     10AM-5PM
Saturday                 10AM-3PM

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