“Process/Result” Opening at 337 Project Space

“Process/Result” is the second show at 337 Project Space, Tom Duimstra’s recently-opened art venue. The exhibit has been installed since last week, but the opening is scheduled for 6-9PM November 6, to coincide with Avenue of the Arts First Friday. Visitors during this time can enjoy a live performance of electric cello music by Russell Gorton.

The show features works by Jennifer Slavin-Harris, Terry Ekasala, James Prez, David T. Miller, Paul Benney, Yoella Razili, Scott Griffin, and some recent works by Duimstra. While many of the artists are people he’s known, they were selected because their works resonate with each other formally.

Almost all the work is comprised of found materials. Duimstra, Slavin-Harris, and Razili’s contributions are made from wood scraps. Duimstra’s recent works with fragments of text from commercial signs mediates between Razili’s restrained taut cubes, and Slavin-Harris’ colorful constructions. James Prez’ whimsical “booktures” are inspired by the books’ titles.

Collage and assemblage are humble and ingenious mediums. There’s something uncanny that occurs in the moment when an individual sees potential in an item that has been ignored or discarded. Social anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss examined this phenomenon in his comparison of scientific thinking and magical thinking. The engineer is a scientific thinker, but the bricoleur (“improviser”) is constantly engaged in creative thinking because he/she sees anything as a potentially useful. Artists are bricoleurs and visionaries. Duimstra has committed to the space for a full year, and already has several exhibitions in various stages of development.

His plan is to showcase the work of national and international artists, many of whom he knows personally, along with local artists. This strategy should pique the interest of the local populace and optimize the number of visitors to the space, which is a bit south of the more genteel stretch of Division Avenue.

337 Project Space
337 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids
Hours: Thursdays 12-5PM, Fridays 5-9 PM, Saturdays 12-6 PM

by Tamara Fox

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