Noble Experiments: An Interview with Kate Lewis of Neighbor Gallery

“I wanted to do something meaningful with my opportunity to curate this space. I set out to create an example of what a diverse art show would look like, and this project helped me to achieve that vision.”

Actor’s Theater Presents “Rapture Blister Burn”

Alice, Catherine, and Avery, Production still from "Rapture Blister Burn", Photo credit: Dave Kagan

“We all have personal mythologies we cherish. The people we love go along with them but understand they are never going to happen.”

Flex Gallery and the Work of Alyssa Roach

Alyssa Roach 1 Rana

When you take art and a topic in social justice, I feel like it’s really powerful because it’s not just the information people are getting, it’s also engaging their imagination in another way… it creates a super powerful experience.

Where We Are, And Where We Are Going: Alynn Guerra at Forest Hills Fine Art Center

Guerra’s prints are alive with a duality of conscience and heart; her work is always imaginative, contemplative and searching for new possibilities.

Eye Candy: Feel/Reveal at 337 Project Space

Shenkelberg Ball Mason Jars

Feel/Reveal is an exhibition of works with intriguing surfaces created from commonplace materials.