Eye Candy: Feel/Reveal at 337 Project Space

Feel/Reveal is an exhibition of works with intriguing surfaces created from unremarkable materials.

Shenkelberg Ball Mason Jars
Julie Shenkelberg


Julie Shenkelberg‘s contributions for the show are panels made from wax casts of Bell mason jars. Products of a recent residency, the scale and materials are atypical of the artist’s work, but clearly resonate with her installations made from found and fabricated items. The surface of the panels resemble ice cream, but because they’re imperfectly formed, the casts seem half-digested.

Michael Peoples submitted colorful wax totems perched atop thickly varnished cross sections of gnarled tree trunks. Peoples’ decision to use honey bear jars and Halloween buckets underscores the formal resemblance to candy.

Jovanni Luna paint assemblage                  David McDonald Sand Cast Hydrocal
ovanni Luna (left), David McDonald (right)

Feel/Reveal features nine small sets of shelves by Jovanni Luna, each painted a distinct color to coordinate with the 30+ little specimens made from carefully rolled strips of latex paint. The arrangement at Project Space invites us to inspect the objects closely.  Curiously, even knowing how the elements were created, the viewer cannot help but associating the pieces with other items they resemble like thimbles or minerals.

Its unlikely viewers will be able to identify the materials used by artist David McDonald. No larger than a shoebox, they’re formed from pigmented Hydrocal cast in sand. The resulting works look like barnacle-encrusted artifacts excavated from the sea.
Peoples Honey Bear Totem

Grand Haven artist Peoples has already been included in least three exhibits at the nascent gallery. Shenkelberg is an artist in residence for SiTE:LAB at Rumsey Street. She’s received two NEA grants, and is represented by Asya Geisberg Gallery in New York. Originally from England, McDonald currently resides in Los Angeles, and shows with Peter Blake Gallery. Luna is a recent graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design, who came to Duimstra’s attention with his installation Painting InFORMed at Spiral Gallery for ArtPrize 2015.

The public is invited to see Feel/Reveal First Friday,
March 4 from 6-9PM.
337 Project Space
337 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids

Hours:    Thursdays 12-5PM, Fridays 5-9 PM, Saturdays 12-6 PM
(or by appointment)


-Tamara Fox

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