Craft and the Uncanny: Mandy Cano Villalobos’ “Part of Me” at 337 Project Space

“Through meticulously executed pieces, the artist explores physical labor as both a meditative ritual and a futile exploit.”

Flex Gallery and the Work of Tag-Hartman Simkins

“…I went to school for English, but ended up doing creative writing anyway and mashed it up with art in the end.”

The Fire Barn Gallery is a Memory Now. Long Live the Armory Art Center of Grand Haven.

Maggie Clifford-Bandstra experienced what sounds like a religious experience during summer classes at Ox-Bow, the secretive art school nestled in the dunes of Saugatuck, north of Mount Baldy and tucked in between the channel and Lake Michigan. Clifford-Bandstra came down from the dunes with a vision to give away art to all by installing pop up … Continue reading

Painter Gerry Giorgio Breaks Through to Themes of Connection and Community in His Newest Work.

Living near Grand Haven, the pleasure of watching a short list of local artists develop has kept my eye engaged for almost nine years. This watch moves me as much as watching the Spartans in March Madness, although the action is subtle and unfolds show by show. I discovered the art work of Chicago-based talent … Continue reading

Muskegon, an Art Center for the State of Michigan, Has an Antiseptic Attitude Toward Street Art.

Saturday, I drove by the old location of the Muskegon Farmer’s Market and all buildings and shelters had been knocked flat. It might seem like a silly objection and yet it should be said. The out building where the market master worked had several murals of moderate accomplishment. Were reference pictures at least taken? I … Continue reading