Tea and Talk with the Talented: Featuring Anne Corlett

By Colette Finney

With a goal of getting a peek into unique creative practices, I am interviewing local artists as they share knowledge, tips, and tales of their journeys to encourage further excitement about art in any form. Kicking-off the first Q & A session for this regular series, I sat down and talked with West Michigan artist, Anne Corlett, a prolific painter with an incredible exhibition running through Saturday, August 20 at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts (SC4A). While Anne has a great deal of experience in watercolors and pastels, Easel on Down the Road, is exclusively oils of landscapes from all fifty states, along with details of her three-year quest to capture the beauty of North America.

Anne Corlette Kappa Hawaii
Anne Corlett, Kappa Hawaii

CF: What motivates you to create?
AC: Beauty. Nature. Color. Mark-making.

CF: Do you have a typical painting routine & if so, can you share it with us?
AC: I try to get into the studio every day, even for just one hour. I like to be painting no later than 2pm but 10am is ideal! I usually grab a cup of water or coffee and sit quietly to look at all the paintings that are unfinished until I see a way into one (a place to re-enter it.) I often have up to four or five paintings going at once. At that point I put music on (been listening to jazz/blues lately) and paint.

CF: What do you do for inspiration when you are in a creative slump?
AC: I have not been in a slump in a long time (knock on wood) but, if I were, I would look at other artists’ work. I have lots of books. Some of my favorites are: Tom Thompson, Henri Matisse, Manet, Van Gogh and Vuillard.

CF: What advice would you give new artists?
AC: Work, work, work. There is nothing like “doing” as a way to improve. There’s opportunity out there if you’re open to it. Take the gift of one day at a time and just keep going.

Anne Corlett Chicago                             Anne Corlett, Chicago

CF: What do you feel most proud of?

AC: I am proud that I finished this quest to paint a landscape in every state. It was a long and sometimes arduous project. I am also proud that I have completely intertwined my passion with my way of life. Last but not least, I am very proud of my two children, Peter and Jane. They are awesome adults!

CF: What’s something most people don’t know about you?
AC: I am really an introvert!

CF: What wouldn’t you do without?
AC: Coffee in the morning! Hahaha. Actually, all my dear friends and family members.

Easel on Down the Road
On view through August 20, 2016
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver St, Saugatuck, MI 49453

Hours: Monday – Friday  9:00AM – 5:00PM
Admission: Free
Phone:(269) 857-2399

all images courtesy the artist’s website http://annecorlettartworks.blogspot.com


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