What is H.A.C.K.?
H.A.C.K. is an online publication that covers visual art and culture in Michigan. We’ve been in continuous operation since January 2012.

Why the name H.A.C.K.?

We see ourselves as individuals engaged in the act of hacking culture–

Hack can be defined as:
(1) to make rough cuts and in an effort to shape
(2) to explore and manipulate the workings of a system; to gain unauthorized access

And if all fails, well, we own up to this definition:
(3) someone who produces dull and unoriginal work

Why the acronym? Just as computer hackers continuously manipulate code, we don’t assign a singular phrase to the letters in an effort to keep the system open and evolving.

Who are we?

Steve Davison
Steve Davison: is a writer living in Grand Rapids who shares a birthday with Eminem, Ziggy Marley, and Arthur Miller.
Colette Ann Finney: moonlights as a punk rocker, has a fondness for ludicrous hats, and does not leave the house without a pocket full of “special” rocks. She is a geek about art and entertainment and will slay dragons to write about them. However, she wastes endless time fantasizing about walking the catwalk for Betsey Johnson instead of writing.

Tamara Fox:  
possesses many skills, most of which are totally unmarketable.  She’s a mixed media artist whose hobbies include avoiding housework and trying to remember her passwords.

Zachary Johnson Art-hack

Zachary Johnson: grew up in an apartment once inhabited by Mary Todd Lincoln in a town with an affection for windmills. In art making, art writing, and curating, he strives to make art accessible to a wider audience of people.


Captain Kangaroo
Will Juntunen
: is a logophile, art enthusiast, and man-about-town.
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.39.29 PM
TenLI: are a collaborative team that enjoy implementing rogue artistic interventions whenever inspiration compels them to act. ________________________________________________________________________

 Tori Pelz: dreams of co-hosting a talk show with her big-headed and emotionally available dog. In the meantime, she busies herself making messes in her studio and the kitchen. She has a soft spot for the South, printmakers, and films about war-torn children. She vows to never use the phrase “as it were.”


 jenn schaub: hates capital letters, work for dwelling place focusing a chunk of her professional and personal time making the avenue for the arts rock. she makes art but really loves people who make art, things and culture.

AaminahShakur-PROFILE BIO
Aaminah Shakur:
is a self-taught artist, poet, & critic, currently studying art history at KCAD.

 How does a person get onto the about page? Regularly contribute content to the page. Since we plan on having weekly content, there are sure to be some new faces added to the mix. So, come back and visit soon to see who’s joining roll call!
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