Through The Past Brightly: Niki Lederer speaks about ‘Found Color’ exhibit at 337 Project Space

Niki Lederer "Fantastic Brickplastic" diptych (detail). Photo: John Berens

The two artists combined works create a burst of color that transforms the 337 Project Space into something resembling more of a psychedelic preschool playroom than art gallery.

Drew Damron Transforms Grand Rapids Into a Role-Playing Game

by Zachary Johnson With GRpg, Drew Damron single-handedly turns Grand Rapids, Michigan into a Super Nintendo-style role playing game. And like game designer Shigesato Itoi, who took inspiration from his relationship with an absent father, Kurt Vonnegut, and his young daughter’s handwriting when creating Earthbound for SNES, Damrom inserts his own life into GRpg. While … Continue reading

Long Reign the “Little Queen”!

By Colette Gehr The Queen Mum and her model twin have made an unexpected stop at the Holland Area Arts Council (HAAC) in Downtown Holland. Encouraged by the visitor comments, “royally superb” and “grand job,” I wanted to see just what was so special about the photography exhibit and was not disappointed. Initially puzzled by … Continue reading

Nosh is Nice: Grub-Inspired Art Featured at Glitter Milk Gallery

“Everybody has something they love to digest! We want to celebrate the stuff that helps keep us alive!” Food is part of the universal human experience, rife with personal, political and cultural significance. It engages all the senses, and has the uncanny ability to tap into our psyche. Unlike sight or sound, taste and smell … Continue reading

UICA + KCAD= A Marriage of Love or Convenience?

Have you ever attended the beautiful wedding of two individuals you feared were ill-prepared for the reality of marriage? Maybe they’re too young, or it’s a third marriage, or maybe they’ve only known each other only a few months. It’s hard to ignore your misgivings, even as you wittness the ceremony.  I felt similarly conflicted … Continue reading

My kid waxes poetic on ArtPrize

by Stacy Walsh Now that the buzz surrounding ArtPrize is winding down, I wanted to take a moment to share my reflections.  This year was my first ArtPrize, and taking my kids to look at art (especially now that one of them is talking/communicative) was a new experience as well. Knowing I may want to … Continue reading

Turn out

A few weeks ago on the great communication tool we call Facebook, Captain Walker Art Talker challenged curator Michele Bosak over why, he, a connected relevant art dude like himself didn’t know about the “Acts of Recognition“show at the Kendall Gallery. Over the next 13 days 50 relevant posts discussed the diligent efforts of curators and gallery owners … Continue reading

Monthly poem

Logan Square Oasis by Stephanie Lane Sutton Boy with a staring problem. Takes off his leather jacket, grey letterman’s sweatshirt. Puts them in with the rest of the wash. Puts on bluegreen earbuds and looks at the cycle with infinite sadness. The homeless couple buys another lotto ticket, and here I am again at the … Continue reading

Ernesto Neto seduces audience with swaying hips and invitation to play

As part of the on-going Penny Stamps lecture series, a partnership between the University of Michigan and the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, internationally-renowned sculptor and installation artist Ernesto Neto spoke at the UICA this past Wednesday. If you weren’t there, you missed a presentation by possibly the most one of charming contemporary artists.   … Continue reading

Lately I’ve taken issue with the title of “Artist.”

After spending the five years as an undergraduate fine art student I’ve come to constantly question the title I once held near and dear. These past few years have been great in terms of getting Grand Rapidians excited about art, but I have come to believe the manner in which many local event organizers, fundraisers, … Continue reading