What’s in a vote?

Musings of a Political Scientist at ArtPrize by Kevin R. den Dulk, Professor of Political Science at Calvin College Artistic expression confronts me like a foreign tongue.  I generally realize when I’m experiencing art, but only in the way that I generally realize when I’m experiencing Mandarin Chinese. I know just enough to appreciate that … Continue reading

ArtPrize: Overexposed

by Jennifer Steensma Hoag Professor, Calvin College During ArtPrize last year I visited the Frederick Meijer Sculpture Gardens, one of the few venues that adhered to strict photography policies during the event.  In the gallery I overhead an interesting exchange between a museum guard and a visitor.  “Photography is not allowed, sir” the museum guard asserted.  “What … Continue reading

UICA + KCAD= A Marriage of Love or Convenience?

Have you ever attended the beautiful wedding of two individuals you feared were ill-prepared for the reality of marriage? Maybe they’re too young, or it’s a third marriage, or maybe they’ve only known each other only a few months. It’s hard to ignore your misgivings, even as you wittness the ceremony.  I felt similarly conflicted … Continue reading

A challenge to soggy pizza and supporters of all things local

Are we blindly supportive of all things local?  Is our enthusiasm a sign that we don’t get out much? Is it that we don’t think we can do better? Or are we just good friends who play nice? Forgive my skepticism if all of the above are false. One of the West Michigan boons frequently … Continue reading

Cafes, bars and Restaurants; unique gallery resources that are rarely utilized effectively.

Far too often I walk into a bar or a coffeehouse and witness a curating abomination. I am sure to most of the customers the work on the walls is a byline, an expectation they don’t even know they have. In many cases the work has been in the same spot for so long it … Continue reading