Painter Gerry Giorgio Breaks Through to Themes of Connection and Community in His Newest Work.

Living near Grand Haven, the pleasure of watching a short list of local artists develop has kept my eye engaged for almost nine years. This watch moves me as much as watching the Spartans in March Madness, although the action is subtle and unfolds show by show. I discovered the art work of Chicago-based talent … Continue reading

Muskegon, an Art Center for the State of Michigan, Has an Antiseptic Attitude Toward Street Art.

Saturday, I drove by the old location of the Muskegon Farmer’s Market and all buildings and shelters had been knocked flat. It might seem like a silly objection and yet it should be said. The out building where the market master worked had several murals of moderate accomplishment. Were reference pictures at least taken? I … Continue reading

Noble Experiments: An Interview with Kate Lewis of Neighbor Gallery

“I wanted to do something meaningful with my opportunity to curate this space. I set out to create an example of what a diverse art show would look like, and this project helped me to achieve that vision.”

Actor’s Theater Presents “Rapture Blister Burn”

“We all have personal mythologies we cherish. The people we love go along with them but understand they are never going to happen.”

Works at Play: Billy Mayer’s Exhibit at Hope College’s The De Pree Gallery

by Margaret Foreman Walking down the open staircase into The De Pree Gallery at Hope College frames an exhibit in an engaging way. That entry gives a birds-eye, almost 360-degree view of the exhibit. I’m always questioning what impression an exhibit gives when I first walk through the doors. For the The De Pree’s current exhibit, Billy Mayer’s … Continue reading

Watching You Watch Art: Gallery Guard Reflections

What would galleries and museums look like if we were truly trying to be accessible to everyone, all year long? What would our community look like if we didn’t wait for ArtPrize to actively invite everyone into our spaces, make them welcome, and provide educational opportunities for them to take the next step in engaging with the art offered? What do we need to do in both design and marketing to make this possible?

Race, Gender, & The Best American Poetry

“This has been an exceptionally controversial year in the world of poetry…”

Hanging on the Shoreline of Omena, Tamarack Gallery Houses Fine, Quirky Art and the Shrine of a Sacred Dog.

The shrine of the sacred dog gives an idea how long Tamarack Gallery has stood on the edge of Omena Bay. It’s a year short of four decades, the gallery opening doors in 1976. Go up to the second floor and pay respects to the beloved dog of David Viskochil, Eugene. Akin to the ofrenda to … Continue reading

Arts in Motion Grows as a Grand Rapids Art Organization After a Successful Chair Affair Auction at Richard App Gallery

             Arts in Motion hosted more than one hundred art patrons and philanthropists Saturday, August 15th for the Chair Affair fundraiser. Arts in Motion is an organization that provides art, music, and dance opportunities for persons physically, emotionally, or mentally challenged. The Richard App Gallery served as fascinating backdrop to the auction on … Continue reading

Swooning for Sharpies: Illustrations by seth at Holland Area Arts Council

By Colette Ann Finney Gazing upon a selection at Holland Area Arts Council’s (HAAC) newest exhibit, Creatures of the Heart & Small Tales, Illustrations by seth, you can get blissfully lost following one intricate line to another to find the next hidden gem within the drawing, as its adventurous tale unfolds. While seth’s work can … Continue reading