Come for the Eggs, Stay for the Sociopaths

by Tamara Fox Fabergé: The Rise and Fall, at the Detroit Institute of Art, and From Here to There:  Alec Soth’s America at Cranbrook Art Museum            I had the unusual good fortune to see two exhibits in one excursion to Detroit:  Fabergé: The Rise and Fall, at the Detroit Institute … Continue reading

Please Resist Ruining The Rothko

I write about the recent vandalism the Mark Rothko painting Black on Maroon (1958) with some ambivalence, [i]not because it isn’t worthy of consideration, but because I don’t want to give the perpetrator more attention.  However, the Rothko incident prompted me to consider questions, regarding agency, ownership, responsibility, originality, and the responsibility of museum staff. At around … Continue reading

Challenging the Artworld 2%: Reflecting on Jerry’s Saltz’ Assessment of the ArtPrize model, Part 1

Art critic Jerry Saltz’ ArtPrize speaker presentation on October 1, was very similar to the one he’d delivered at Expo Chicago on September 20th. He discussed his career and the path that eventually brought him to be an art critic, offered his advice to artists, threw in several good analogies, and included enough art history … Continue reading