Quotable quotes from Critical Discourse of the ArtPrize Top 10

by Tori Pelz Witty, generous, and frank sum up the general tone of this year’s Critical Discourse following the announcement of the top 10 public voted ArtPrize pieces. Jerry Saltz, famed art critic of New York Magazine, Adonna Khare, artist and winner of the last year’s ArtPrize public vote, and Tamara Fox, Kendall College professor … Continue reading

Challenging the Artworld 2% Part 2: Why I no longer think Art Critics are Creeps

I’ll admit that I found something perverse about art critics.  How can an individual who has never made art, earn his livelihood by offering opinions about the handiwork of artists, or the decisions of  curators? I attributed their lack of qualification to a disregard for art in general, and artists in particular.  Several recent experiences … Continue reading

Challenging the Artworld 2%: Reflecting on Jerry’s Saltz’ Assessment of the ArtPrize model, Part 1

Art critic Jerry Saltz’ ArtPrize speaker presentation on October 1, was very similar to the one he’d delivered at Expo Chicago on September 20th. He discussed his career and the path that eventually brought him to be an art critic, offered his advice to artists, threw in several good analogies, and included enough art history … Continue reading