Tea and Talk with the Talented: Featuring Anne Corlett

“There is nothing like ‘doing’ as a way to improve. There’s opportunity out there if you’re open to it. Take the gift of one day at a time and just keep going.”

Abstract Painter Manierre Dawson Saw the Trees for the Forest and the Forest for the Trees

First, before reading a word, realize that you are running out of time. “Manierre Dawson: Engineering Abstraction” closes Sunday, August 9th, at the Muskegon Museum of Art. The exhibit will travel to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, opening August 29th, 2015, but to wait is foolishness. This exhibit must be engaged while the Michigan summer sun still … Continue reading

Sheryl Budnik’s Relentless Landscapes

It is exceptional to see landscape paintings that are as evocative as those by Sheryl Budnik. The landscape is a popular subject because everyone has some basis from which to contextualize it, and without the impediment of narrative, it’s easy for the viewer to enter into the work.  Budnik’s paintings are surprisingly challenging because of their … Continue reading