Graffiti Smart: Open Concept Gallery and Con Artist Crew showcase Detroit artists Malt and Tead

On Saturday, January 19th, Open Concept Gallery sponsored Silent Flight, a fundraising event showcasing the art of Malt and Tead, hosted by Grand Rapids’ Con Artist Crew. The two Detroit-based artists produced a large diptych mural in the CAC space between Friday and the early hours of Saturday.  The event functioned both as an exhibition of … Continue reading

Open Concept Gallery’s SMart Media Festival: Festival, kind of. Smart…?

Last weekend, Open Concept Gallery hosted their Annual SMart Festival Media festival. Chances are, you didn’t know about it. And if you happened to stumble on their Facebook page or received an email from them, you may have been confused about what the show actually entailed. This kind of vague obscurity has become par for … Continue reading