Outside: Unconventional Interpretations of Nature at 106 Gallery

The evocative potential of the natural world is profound

Chorus of Flora: The Magical Realism of Mary Sundstrom

We are privy to the spectacle of the bayous’ inhabitants waking, growing, whirling, and calling to each other…

Imposing order on Chaos: Clusterf*ck at Craft House

On the back door of Craft House, there is a sign that reads, “This is not a bathroom. When you urinate here, it drips into our kitchen.  Please be courteous or we will call the police.”  It occurred to me that the exhibition currently on display at Craft House, is like that sign, an attempt to manage … Continue reading

Sheryl Budnik’s Relentless Landscapes

It is exceptional to see landscape paintings that are as evocative as those by Sheryl Budnik. The landscape is a popular subject because everyone has some basis from which to contextualize it, and without the impediment of narrative, it’s easy for the viewer to enter into the work.  Budnik’s paintings are surprisingly challenging because of their … Continue reading