Reconsidering the Commonplace: Jihyun Hong’s (extra)ordinary at UICA

Jihyun Hong invites us to see everyday objects not by their familiar functions … but as the interesting visual objects that they really are.

A Life of Possibility: Hotel Cassiopeia

A Life of Possibility: Hotel Cassiopeia This weekend Hotel Cassiopeia is playing at the Aquinas College Performing Arts Center in Grand Rapids.  This play by Charles Mee is a fanciful portrait of Joseph Cornell, a self-taught artist classified as Surrealist, a moniker about which he expressed some ambivalence. The set is almost perfect, the costumes are … Continue reading

The Surrealism of Banality: Real/Surreal at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

I encourage everyone to see Real/Surreal at the GRAM regardless of how you feel about Surrealism, since it features works by Modernists who are not typically associated with the movement. Two of the most recognized Surrealists, Salvador Dali and René Magritte, are notably absent, however the GRAM has on display Dali’s 1973 series Twelve Tribes of … Continue reading